Welcome to ViBE

ViBE is an algorithm for real-time anomaly detection. It can be used with any type of data sets (sound, temperature, etc.) but was originally designed for change detection in sequences of images .

A business that relies on real-time change detection as a foundation block should consider licensing ViBE if it wants to deliver the highest value to its customers. Indeed, ViBE is recognized as the leading algorithm by academics in the field of computer vision.  We serve markets relying on change such as video-surveillance, cameras & mobile devices, defense, automotive, industrial/machine vision, gaming, authentication, privacy, etc.

ViBE offers the best alternative for real-time change detection in uncontrolled environment as it is fast, CPU-friendly, accurate, and universal. ViBE has been designed for high performance, real-time, low latency, low power systems. See our product tab for more info.

Thanks to its academic roots, ViBE guarantees state-of-the-art R&D and client support capabilities.

ViBE's source code is available free of charge for internal purposes. Licenses are required for commercial uses.